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the original collection

The MicroFiber Hair Towel

Layan Salem Beauty

The MicroFiber Hair Towel


The FLUFFIEST MicroFiber Hair Towel out there! 

Dries your hair 5X FASTER than any other hair towel, Locks Moisture in Hair, PREVENTS Split ends AND Frizz!

Made from ultra-fine fibers, The MicroFiber Hair Towel is much more absorbent than standard towels. The MicroFiber Hair Towel absorbs water with ease, this requires less tugging and pulling, which is much safer for your hair!

About us

I wanted to create not only products, but a brand that stands for everything I believe in. A brand for everyone. I want to inspire young girls that self love is and always will be enough. Beauty is estimated with the size of your heart and not the makeup you wear, Self Love comes first, always.

Layan Salem

Founder of Layan Salem Beauty